Briana Grosicki

Briana Grosicki is Associate Principal at PlaceEconomics. She is responsible for establishing research methodologies, ensuring accuracy in data analysis, and helping increase our capacity to conduct qualitative and quantitative research studies. While in college she took a random class called Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and fell in love with using spatial analysis to answer research questions. For her, the start of a project always begins with “what questions are we trying to answer and what data can help us get there.” Grosicki speaks often in maps, most of the time in spreadsheets, and is always trying to flowchart analyses.

Her work at PlaceEconomics supports the firm’s Main Street studies, economic impact studies, and incentives initiatives. She is PlaceEconomics’ official Yelper, ensuring proper research of local cuisine is conducted during on-site visits.

Grosicki is active in preservation on a national stage as the Chairwoman of Preservation Action and on the Board of Directors for the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions. She previously served as Chair on her local municipal historic preservation commission in Muncie, Indiana and led a citywide parcel survey called ScoutMuncie.

Grosicki received a self-designed BS in the Study of the Built Environment from the College of William and Mary and an MS in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania.