Research & Analysis

Over the past two decades, no firm or institution in America has conducted more analyses of the economic impacts of historic preservation than has PlaceEconomics. Beginning in Virginia in 1995 with the first statewide study of the impacts of preservation, we have prepared impact analyses in nearly a dozen states. In recent years clients at the local level have recognized the need for robust, defensible analysis of not just economic impacts but social, cultural, and environmental impacts as well. In recent years PlaceEconomics has done city level studies in Raleigh, Pittsburgh, New York City, Savannah, and San Antonio.

State Main Street directors have likewise seen the need to have an outside analysis of the long term impacts of their programs. PlaceEconomics has conducted nearly all of these studies. When the National Trust sought to demonstrate the catalytic impact of the Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit, it was PlaceEconomics that got the assignment.

Our research has evolved from the anecdotal to “big data” applications, looking at dozens of ways that historic preservation contributes not to just the economy but the quality of life of a city. Nearly every time we undertake a research assignment, we discover more ways the historic preservation has a positive local impact. We may well discover a few more when we have the opportunity to conduct a study in your community.