Technical Assistance

Sometimes a city government, a center city revitalization organization, a local preservation non-profit, or just a group of concerned citizens needs on-the-ground help in addressing a pressing local need. That need might be a feasibility study of a white-elephant building, a downtown economic development strategy, an implementable plan for a community-initiated adaptive reuse effort, a specialist for a Main Street Resource Team, a revitalization program for a neighborhood commercial district. PlaceEconomics’ colleagues have a depth of knowledge and experience in addressing important issues at the local level.

Unlike some firms, we don’t take work in areas where we don’t have the experience and the expertise. If we aren’t the ones to help you, we’ll tell you…and try to identify others who would better meet your needs. But if your challenge is at the intersections of historic preservation, commercial revitalization, and economics, we are most eager to be of assistance.