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PlaceEconomics is a private sector firm with over thirty years experience in the thorough and robust analysis of the economic impacts of historic preservation. We conduct studies, surveys, and workshops in cities and states across the country that are addressing issues of downtown, neighborhood, and commercial district revitalization and the reuse of historic buildings. We specialize in quality, defensible research, and present findings clearly and effectively in formats that can be understood by academics, economists, mayors, city council members, property owners, and local stakeholders alike.

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38 Reasons to Keep the Federal Historic Tax Credit

This week we will probably hear the proposals for tax reform coming from the leadership in Congress. In antici

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The Historic Tax Credit: Building the Future in Louisiana

The study focused on projects completed over the past ten years (2007-2016) that used historic tax credits. In

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Feature Article on Rodney Swink, Habitat III, and the New Urban Agenda

PlaceEconomics and Heritage Strategies International’s Rodney Swink, Senior Associate for Planning and D

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The Historic Tax Credit: Building the Future in Louisiana

Louisiana Office of Cultural Development

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Oklahoma Historic Tax Credit: Impact on the Oklahoma Economy

Tulsa Foundation for Architecture
June 2016

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Historic Preservation: At the Core of a Dynamic New York City

New York Landmarks Conservancy
April 2016

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