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PlaceEconomics is a private sector firm with over thirty years experience in the thorough and robust analysis of the economic impacts of historic preservation. We conduct studies, surveys, and workshops in cities and states across the country that are addressing issues of downtown, neighborhood, and commercial district revitalization and the reuse of historic buildings. We specialize in quality, defensible research, and present findings clearly and effectively in formats that can be understood by academics, economists, mayors, city council members, property owners, and local stakeholders alike.

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PresPoll Results: Preservation Books

This poll asked about preservation-related books in thirteen categories. PlaceEconomics colleagues suggested b

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Missing Middle Housing: A Micro-Analysis from Andersonville, Chicago

May 28, 2021  |  Alyssa Frystak Last week, as I was walking around my Andersonville neighborhood in

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PresPoll Results: Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing

Housing affordability is a crisis level problem. Historic districts are not the cause of the affordability cri

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Demonstration Analysis: Land Area, Population, and Density in Local Historic Districts

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Treasure in the Walls: Reclaiming Value Through Material Reuse in San Antonio

San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation
March 2021

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Historic Preservation and the Biden-Harris Administration

December 2020

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