No firm in America has undertaken more studies on the economic impact of historic preservation than PlaceEconomics.

PlaceEconomics is a private sector firm with over thirty years experience in the thorough and robust analysis of the economic impacts of historic preservation. Our mission is to provide the preservation field with data-drive arguments and creative policy solutions to advance the public good of historic preservation. To that end, we conduct studies, surveys, and workshops in cities and states across the country that address issues of neighborhood and commercial district revitalization, affordable housing, heritage resilience, and intangible cultural heritage. We specialize in quality, defensible research, and we present findings clearly and effectively in formats that can be understood by any audience – academics, economists, mayors, city council members, property owners, and local stakeholders alike.

Meet Our Team

Every member of PlaceEconomics brings deep expertise in commercial and neighborhood revitalization, impact analysis, and policy development to our work. We pride ourselves on a culture of collaboration, creative problem solving, and cutting-edge thinking.

Donovan Rypkema

Principal and CEO

Rodney Swink

Senior Associate for Planning and Development

Katlyn Cotton

Director of Communications and Design

Alyssa Frystak

Director of Research and Data Analytics

Starr Herr-Cardillo

Content Writer

E. Renee Ingram

Financial Management Consultant

PlaceEconomics Services

Research and Analysis

Robust, defensible analysis of the economic, social, cultural, and environmental impacts of historic preservation.

Policy Development

We identify barriers to preservation, review opportunities, assemble possible tools, and develop recommendations for meaningful solutions.

Technical Assistance

On-the-ground help in addressing a pressing community need.

Talks and Workshops

Have a PlaceEconomics team member as your next conference presenter, panelist, workshop trainer, or meeting facilitator.

Remote Services

Adapted services to serve the preservation community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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