PresPoll: What’s on the Horizon for Historic Preservation in 2023?

Author: Donovan Rypkema
Jan 03, 2023

As 2022 is wrapping up it seemed appropriate to have a PresPoll about what’s on the horizon for historic preservation in 2023 and what are preservation’s greatest needs both on the national and local levels. 

Based on the responses of 204 survey participants, here are the five most significant findings:

  1. Most respondents believe 2023 the environment for historic preservation in 2023 will be a typical one, both on the national and local levels.
  2. However, at the local level a higher share believe it will be a great year as well as a higher share believing it will be a terrible year.
  3. Small town and rural respondents are the most optimistic about the environment for historic preservation in 2023.
  4. Both Millennials and GenXers are more optimistic about 2023 than are Baby Boomers.
  5. The greatest needs at both the national and local level is seen as political influence, closely followed by money and better legislation.

In an open-ended question, respondents gave more than 140 ideas on “…  one change of any kind that would improve the environment for historic preservation.” There are many excellent ideas and observations. Our favorite one was this: “Historic preservation is economic development that makes people happy.”

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