Talks & Workshops

A hundred times a year Donovan Rypkema gives a speech or conducts a workshop – from a paper at an international symposium to a plenary presentation at a national conference, to an after-dinner speech at a local Main Street program’s annual meeting. Copies of some of those speeches, and videos of presentations can be found here.

But everyone on the PlaceEconomics team is an engaging speaker, panelist, workshop trainer, or meeting facilitator. Our team members expertise includes:

Briana Grosicki

  • Data-Driven Rightsizing: Preservation’s Role in Revitalizing the Rust Belt
  • Incentives for Historic Preservation

Rodney Swink

  • How Historic Preservation contributes to a community’s resilience
  • Historic Preservation: Supporting Community Health

Katlyn Cotton

  • Historic Preservation and Equity

Alyssa Frystak

  • Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing

If you have a subject you want covered in a speech, conference presentation, or workshop, or a meeting for which you need a facilitator, let us know. We’ll tell you if that is an area where we have expertise and which of us would best meet your needs. In addition to our longstanding workshops on Community Initiated Development and Feasibility Analysis, we can customize workshops on a wide range of preservation and development related topics.

Videos and Speeches