Weekend News Roundup – September 16, 2022

Author: Starr Herr-Cardillo
Sep 16, 2022

Green Things

Sara Bronin’s research considers how legal reforms can help align historic preservation and energy efficiency policy in this white paper for the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy. 

The Guardian reviews the book Building for Change, which looks at creative adaptive reuse with an eye to the environment. 

The Financial Times looks at how extreme weather events induced by climate change will disrupt the supply chain

Iran’s “cooling towers” are inspiring architects to design with efficient passive cooling based on age-old techniques.

Housing Matters

Matthew Desmond, who wrote the book “Evicted” and others testify about the state of the housing market on C-SPAN. 

How can Main Streets maximize housing options? A Main Street Coordinator looks at catalyzing upper floor housing on the Main Street blog.

The Center for Community Progress looks at how property condition data can be used to steward vacant land in this webinar. 

Soaring materials costs have made building affordable housing even more challenging, but American Rescue Plan dollars could help.

Community Action

This New York Times feature considers how the Anacostia Bridge, an urban park and bridge planned as part of an upcoming development project, might avoid the fate of green spaces like the High Line, which have been critiqued for driving gentrification.

A recent study by Brookings looks at how to reduce concentrated poverty without displacing residents.

Next month Grounded Solutions is offering a training series on land banks and shared equity homeownership. You can register here.

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